Bunker Shots

This is the one shot in golf where the player shouldn’t make contact with the ball. If played with the right technique it is the one shot where you can miss hit it (a little heavier or thinner than intended) and still have a good result. There is no reason for anyone to fear this shot with a little practice.

  • Understand what ‘bounce’ is and why we need to use it.
  • Set up in order to use the bounce (open clubface, ball position forward of centre and less shaft lean)
  • Set up to ensure the right angle of attack in order to get the club down into the sand and underneath the golf ball (more weight on front foot, wider stance, lowered centre of gravity)
  • Plenty of speed. You have to get the club through the sand and hit the ball far enough with all that loft on the club. If you follow through farther than you swing it back it will help ensure this.
  • Hit the line! Consistently hitting the sand in the same place is a skill that can easily be practiced with great feedback from simply drawing a line in the sand where you want the club to strike.
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