Players should hit the ball as far as they can in order to be safely in play (not necessarily in the fairway). Sometimes hitting driver can eliminate more trouble for the player than an ‘iron for safety’.

Keys to driving well:

  • Assess where the best place to hit it is, where is the trouble and how best can you avoid it?
  • Set up is key with the driver, the ball is on a tee peg so we need to adjust in order to hit up on the ball or at least ‘sweep’ it off the tee.
  • A wider, shallow arc tends to be more effective with the driver
  • In-to-out golf swings are more effective than out-to-in with this golf club.
  • Balance is very important because the driver is the longest club in the bag. Imagine you had a really long hammer and you were trying to hit a nail with it, it’s a lot harder to do if you are falling over!
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