Putting should be a really simple exercise because it is the least complicated movement we make when playing the game. Keep things simple and you will hole more putts. There are 4 things all great putters do really well and you should always be working towards at least one of these when you are practicing:

  • Green reading
    If you haven’t read the putt correctly then a perfect stroke is a waste of time because the ball will miss!
  • Distance control
    All great putters have great control of pace. Consistent tempo and focusing the eyes on the target are huge keys to this.
  • Starting the ball on the intended line
    A great putter is able to consistently start the ball on the line they intended.
  • A strong routine
    When you have a high pressure putt a good routine can help you control your nerve and use the adrenaline to really narrow your focus and putt even better than you do without the pressure. The lack of a good routine will cause those nerves to have the opposite effect.

Improve Your Putting With Gareth Davies
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